Using the purest fruits and base, every bite is filled with the goodness of the fruits!
Image by Pesce Huang

Mao Shan Wang

The king of fruits is here in our burst of flavour series! You are sure to smell our Mao Shan Wang gelato from a mile away!

Image by angela pham

White Chrysanthemum with Goji Berries

With a superfood like Goji Berries how could you go wrong? Our White Chrysanthemum with Goji Berries gelato may surprise you and may just be your new favourite!

Image by Sahand Babali

Hokkaido Milk with Strawberries

The classic strawberries and milk combo can't go wrong in our Hokkaido Milk and Strawberries gelato! It has turned out to be one of our best sellers so maybe it would steal your heart too!