Image by Mae Mu
No gelato is complete without something extra!
Image by ian dooley


Crunchy and Sweet Waffle Cone, perfect for one or two scoops of our gelato.

Image by Georgia de Lotz

Black Rice Oat Waffles

Our Signature Waffles contains Black Glutinous Rice,  Organic Oats & Greek Yoghurt to give it the special dense fluffy yet crispy


Image by Angiola Harry

Mud Pie Brownies

Super dark dense chocolate brownies that pairs perfectly with our ice cream!

Image by Sarah Shaffer

Cinnamon Bread & Butter Pudding

Marvellous Roll’s cinnamon rolls, soaked in Mama Dita’s secret recipe custard, topped with a knob of pure butter,

dash with organic sugar and cinnamon, baked to perfection, there is no other bread and butter pudding like this!